Custom Peptide Synthesis

With extensive experience in solid and solution phase synthesis, ChemPep offers custom peptides of the highest quality at the most competitive price. ChemPep has the capacity for both small and large-scale peptide syntheses ranging from milligram to kilogram. We also offer custom services for large peptides, unusual or modified peptides, and specially designed peptides.


  • Large peptides: up to 100 amino acids
  • Peptides with different purities: up to 98%
  • Peptides with different quantities: from mg to kg
  • Modified peptides: such as those with unusual amino acids, phosphorylation, biotinylation, terminal modifications and cyclization

  • Price Estimation & Quotation
  • Please click HERE to estimate the cost of your peptide and to use our online quotation form.

  • Specifications

  • All custom peptides are supplied with stringent analytical specifications, which include HPLC and MS analysis.
  • Most custom peptides can be delivered within 2~3 weeks. The delivery time may vary depends on the peptide length and difficulty.
  • All information is treated in strict confidence. If required, we will be pleased to sign a client confidentiality agreement before receiving your compound structure.

  • Modification Capabilities

  • Please click HERE for our modification list.

  • Peptide Array

    ChemPep has developed a new Peptide Array program for high throughput drug screening. This is the fastest and most economical way to synthesize 96 different peptides, unbound, in a 96-well format. Each plate is individually tested for accuracy and can be used for epitope mapping, libraries, protein characterization and much more.

  • 96 crude peptides per plate in 96-well format
  • 2.5 - 50 ┬Ámol (3.0 mg average for 2.5 ┬Ámol of 12 mer peptide)
  • Up to 20 amino acids in length, average 75% purity
  • Minimum order: 48 peptides
  • No cross contamination
  • 2-3 weeks delivery
  • ChemPep does not guarantee the purity or success of any one peptide on an array plate.

  • For more information, please contact us.