Chiral & Achiral Chromatography Services

The biological activity of chiral substances often depends on their stereochemistry. A large percentage of pharmaceutical compounds are enantiomers and the importance of chirality of drugs has been increasingly recognized.

Chiral chromatography has become a preferred method for rapidly separation of enantiomers in pharmaceutical industry. To accelerate our customer's research, ChemPep offers comprehensive and cost-effective chiral and achiral methods development and sample analysis services.

Chiral methods development and analysis

  • Chiral column screening and chiral methods development in short turnaround time
  • Chiral methods development for starting material, intermediate, and product
  • Chiral method development for asymmetric synthesis
  • Enantiomeric purity determination, %ee, with and without separating enantiomer
  • Stability of chiral molecules in different media and/or different temperature
  • Enantiomeric purity check of formulated products
  • Method development for diastereomer
  • Determination of diastereomeric ratio
  • Determination of absolute configuration

  • Achiral methods development and analysis

  • Column screening for fast methods development
  • Method development for in process control
  • Stability study for formulated products
  • Degradation studies
  • Analysis of pharmaceutical/chemical/food and fragrance compounds
  • Analysis of protein
  • Analysis of peptide
  • Analysis of polymer